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Application of LED linear lights in outdoor lighting

2023-12-11    Author : Shinesky

LED linear lamp LED wall washer series aluminum profile lamp body, compact and lightweight end cap and mounting bracket are made of aluminum alloy high-pressure die-cast high-temperature resistant silicone rubber sealing ring to ensure waterproof reliability. Luminaires can be installed individually or in multiple combinations. Suitable for various buildings, indoor and outdoor local or contour lighting.


The LED line light series is a high-end flexible decorative light, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy bending, and maintenance-free. It is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outlines and billboard production. According to different needs, this product is available in 12V, 24V, etc., and the length is 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, 120CM, etc. Line lights of different specifications can also be customized according to customer needs.


The lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy, with sharp lines, simple structure, beautiful appearance, strong, corrosion-resistant and easy to install. The surface of the lamp is treated with electrostatic spraying and has good high temperature resistance and weather resistance. The reflector is made of imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high output of light energy. 3MM thick high-strength tempered glass with high light transmittance and impact resistance. Built-in guaranteed protection level up to IP65. Technical parameter table model: HX-XQ Color range: red, yellow, blue, green, white and colored Beam angle: 15-60° Light irradiation distance: 20 meters Control system: DMX512 controller or wall washer simple controller Shell material Aluminum alloy connection method standard signal power cord connector 3-pin signal connector.


LED lines can realize static display flickering changes of 16 million colors through color matching: flickering and dimming; several color temperatures alternately change at intervals; several color temperatures chase each other; and a single color temperature circulates regularly.

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