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About the demand and development of LED lamps

2023-12-11    Author : Shinesky

The main purpose of the line lighting project is to provide overall lighting at night to meet the basic requirements for visual identification. The lighting level of ambient lighting is related to the amount of ambient lighting. If the ambient lighting of the space is much lower than the operational lighting, the lighting level of the ambient lighting is related to the amount of ambient lighting. The brightness contrast between the work and the environment will be very high. Therefore, the amount of ambient light can also create a sense of depth.


LED linear lights and indoor lighting, stage lighting, indoor lighting and other special lighting needs, etc. A city, a building, a landscape, a street, a commercial space, its characteristics are shaped by light, and are given a unique theme, style, depth, emotion, color and atmosphere by lighting designers with a sense of life. Lighting Design is also a type of lighting design. Lighting is a more flexible and interesting design element. It can become a catalyst for the atmosphere, the focus and theme within the visual range, and can also enhance the layering of the existing decoration.


The lighting effect of LED linear lights should be balanced with that of nearby buildings. Moreover, LED theme lighting must be controlled in a hierarchical manner, so that even if only a part or a small number of lights are turned on during the day or late at night, the key points of the building can be presented, leaving a complete picture. artistic effect. In order to save lighting electricity, high-quality energy-saving light sources, lighting fixtures and supporting equipment with long lifespan and high luminous efficiency should be used. The control method should be flexible and should be controlled separately according to major festivals, festivals in general and ordinary lighting.


At present, the application of LED lamps in the field of civil lighting is getting deeper and deeper. Although LED lighting on the market is mainly street lamps and commercial lighting, its main products are LED panel lamps and flat LED downlights with dimming and color-adjusting functions. Get people's attention.


As market competition in the supermarket industry becomes increasingly fierce and the industry enters an era of low profits, how to reduce operating costs has become a question that retail companies often think about. In particular, the huge electricity bill has become an important part of supermarket costs, and how to control electricity costs has become the key to energy-saving transformation of supermarkets. Some lighting experts pointed out that electricity consumption accounts for 70% of lighting costs, while the equipment itself accounts for only 3% of lighting costs (equipment maintenance costs account for 27% of lighting costs). The use of energy-saving products is the only way to truly achieve low costs. In order to achieve energy saving purposes, many large supermarkets have turned their attention to LED lighting.


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