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New Product:IP68 Silicone Neon Light

2023-12-15    Author : Shinesky

Shinesky has launched a new product: IP68 silicone neon light.

It's seal design, adopt extrusion molding process.

It's a high waterproof grade neon light and after rigorous testing, it was proved that can be use underwater for long time, more sturdy and durable. 

Using environmental protection grade silicone material, high transmittance, strong flexibility and folding resistance to bending. It's easy to shape, meet the needs of different installation space.


1.Applicable to a variety of scenes, to create a different atmosphere

For IP68 silicone neon light, the overall process is upgraded, safer sealing technology, multiple waterproof design, with chlorination resistance, weak acid and alkali corrosion resistance, salt-liquid resistance and other excellent characteristics.

Widely used in swimming pool, aquarium, bridge, river view, fountain, park pool and other scenes.


2. Complete specifications and colors

The series focuses on the more mainstream model TOP 1615, the size is W16mm*H15mm, bends vertically.

Multiple colors to choose from, single white, single colors light, regular RGB, digital RGB, they can meet your different color needs.


3. Reliable material, good inside and outside

IP68 silicone neon light, selected raw materials to create high quality waterproof neon light.

-Using high-end chip, high brightness and CRI, pure light color, high transmittance, uniform and linear light.

-Low light decay, long lifespan, safe low voltage, no risk of human contact.

-The use of imported silicone material and integrated extrusion molding process. Professional waterproof technology, waterproof grade up to IP68, suitable for underwater environment.

-Available in constant-current version and constant-voltage version. The length of constant current version can be up to 15 meters.


4. A variety of installation, efficient and convenient

IP68 silicone neon light with commonly used two kinds of installation:
-Stainless steel clip: For Shape installation. It's recommended that 2-3clips for per meter.
-Aluminum profile: For Linear installation. Simple but strong stability.
Note: Swimming pool can't use aluminum profile.

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