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2023-12-11    Author : Shinesky

The new design of the production process, to make the milky white light body and end cap integrated forming. The tail is smooth and flat. The luminous surface is curved, and the use of frosted technology, the ultimate beauty, to create a high appearance of the linear lighting.


Using high brightness led beads as the light source, the use of high transmittance optical grade silicone material, so that the cob plus light is soft and bright, with good toughness.


1. Originality, and delicate optics

COB LED STRIP PLUS uses a new process, more delicate optical design, outline the ultimate line beauty.

Applies to ambry, shop counters, wine cabinet, car exhibition hall, corridor, collection frame, stair, bathroom, home lighting, KTV, bar, hotel, holiday atmosphere decoration and so on many linear lighting scene.


2. Complete specifications and colors

COB LED STRIP PLUS series, focusing on the introduction of 4 commonly used sizes 8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm. A variety of options, flexible application.

Multiple colors to choose from, single white, dual white, regular RGB/RGBW/RGBWW, digital RGB. 
Can be soft and comfortable, also can be dazzle colour. Arbitrarily selected, meet the demand of different scene atmosphere.


3. Reliable material, good inside and outside

COB led strip plus, selection of raw materials, professional production process, the quality is consistent.
*Using high-end chip, high brightness and CRI, pure light color, uniform and linear light.
*Low light decay, long lifespan, safe low voltage, no risk of human contact.
*The use of environmental protection silicone material and integrated extrusion molding process. Professional waterproof technology, waterproof grade up to IP65, it's dustproof and moistureproof, corrosion resistance, and suitable for wet space.
*New sandblasting process design, feel delicate, not easy to stick dust, no need to frequent cleaning, follow-up maintenance is very convenient.
*Available in constant-current version and constant-voltage version.The length of DC48V constant current version can be up to 20 meters.


4. A variety of installation, efficient and convenient

COB LED STRIP PLUS with commonly used two kinds of installation:
-The back of the COB PLUS with 3M double-sided tape, which is strong adhesive, can be directly pasted and installed, very convenient and fast.
-COB PLUS series has a special clip, with the clip for installation, will be more firm.

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