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New Product:Silicone Neon Light with Recessed Mounting

2023-12-11    Author : Shinesky

Shinesky has launched a new product: Silicone Neon Light with Recessed Mounting.


The new flanging design allows it to be installed directly into the wall without the profile. Perfectly integrated with modern architectural space, walls, cabinets and so on, to achieve the ultimate simplicity and fashion. 

See the light but no lamp!

1. High cost performance

Installation is very simple and easy, free profile, free clip, the maintenance of the later is also very convenient. 
The unique flanging design avoids the gap caused by the large or uneven groove, and fits perfectly with the mounting surface.


2. Different models are suitable for different installation environments

These are the two most popular sizes we have introduced, 
EN-1615: W16mm*H15mm, vertically bending
EN-1220: W12mm*H20mm, horizontally bending
That covering both top and side bends, for all common bends.
Multiple colors to choose from, single white, single colors light, dual white, regular RGB, DMX512 RGB, they can meet your different color needs.


3. Reliable material, good inside and outside
Using high quality raw materials, coupled with professional production technology, to create high quality indoor linear lights.

*Using high-end chip, high brightness and CRI, pure light color, high transmittance, uniform and linear light.
*Low light decay, long lifespan, safe low voltage, no risk of human contact.
*The use of imported silicone material and integrated extrusion molding process. Professional waterproof technology, waterproof grade up to IP44. It's dustproof and moistureproof, corrosion resistance, and suitable for wet space.
*Available in constant-current version and constant-voltage version. The length of constant current version can be up to 18 meters.


4. Directly embedded installation, simple and easy

Installation is as simple as 3 steps:
-After confirming the size, dig the groove and reserve the outlet hole.
-Thread the neon light's cable through the outlet hole.
-Align the light body with the groove and press the light body into the groove completely, then the installation is complete.

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