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Technical Parameter

Type PCB Voltage Color Temperature LED Qty Power SMD Type Min cut unit
SK-ST2QxVx-Crgb 5/10mm DC12V/24V 120Led/m 10/12W/M SMD2835 25/50mm
SK-ST5QxVx-Crgb 8/10/12/20mm DC12V/24V 30-120Led/m 7.2-28.8W/M SMD5050 25/50/62.5mm
SK-ST5Q42Vx-Crgb-s 12mm DC24V 42Led/m 10W/M SMD5050 143mm
SK-ST5QxVx-Crgbw-4in1 10/12mm DC12V/24V 60-96Led/m 19.2-30.7W/M SMD5050 35.7/50/100mm
SK-ST5QxVx-Crgbo-4in1 12mm DC12V/24V 84/96Led/m 26.8/30.7W/M SMD5050 35.7/62.5/71.4mm
SK-ST5Q48Vx-Crgbw-s 12mm DC12V/24V 48Led/m 15.3W/M SMD5050 62.5/125mm
SK-ST5QxVx-Crgbw 10/12/20mm DC12V/24V 60-144Led/m 14.4-34.5W/M SMD5050 83.3/100mm
SK-ST5QxVx-Crgbw 12mm DC12V/24V 120/140/168Led/m 26.4W/M SMD2835/SMD5050 50/83.3/100mm
SK-ST5Q210Vx-Crgbcw 12mm DC24V 210Led/m 26.4W/M SMD2835/SMD5050 100mm
SK-ST5QxVx-Crgbcw-5in1 12mm DC24V 60-96Led/m 19.2W/M SMD5050 62.5/83.3/100mm
SK-ST16Q360Vx-Crgbcw 12mm DC24V 360Led/m 24W/M SMD2010/SMD5050 50mm
SK-ST16Q240Vx-Crgbw 10mm DC24V 240Led/m 19.2W/M SMD2010/SMD3838 50mm
SK-ST16Q360Vx-Crgbcw 12mm DC24V 360Led/m 24W/M SMD2010/SMD3838 50mm
SK-ST11Q60Vx-Crgb 10mm DC12V 60Led/m 12W/M SMD020 50mm
SK-ST11Q72V24-Crgbw 12mm DC24V 72Led/m 12W/M SMD020/SMD3014 166.6mm

Common RGB/RGBW Led Strip



Application Cases


Our Factory

We have been focused on the development and production of the LED strip product for the last 13 years,

have 20 peoples high-quality R & D team which are design, structure, and electronics.
11,000 square meters standardized dust-free workshop, 240 professional workers,

SMD package, SMT and waterproof production are all autonomous working to ensure

3-7days delivery time for regular product and 7-15days for customized product.

We have been provided the product customization servious to 87 countries and 112 customers for a long time.

Strictly execute ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO45001:2018 system standard,

the products passed UL,ETL, RCM, CE, ROHS, REACH certification,
3-5 years warranty service are provided for the whole series of products.

Product Packaging


Is Shinesky a manufacturer or trading company?

We are a professional LED strip manufacturer for over 13 years. Welcome to visit our factory.  We also support using ZOOM or Teams for online factory visiting.

What are your main products?

We mainly produce LED neon light, LED tape light,COB tape light and LED wall washer. To meet the demands of customers’ one-stop purchasing, we also provide related accessories, such as LED aluminum profiles, led controllers, power supplies and connectors, etc.

Do you provide OEM/ODM services?

Yes, We have rich experience on OEM and ODM of LED light strips. We have a professional R&D team of over 20 members which can support you with innovative products or make your idea into awesome products. 

What LEDs do you use for LED strip lights?

We mainly use brand LEDs, like Philips, Samsung, OSRAM, Epistar, etc.

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