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In order to ensure the high product quality, a 100,000-level dust-free workshop was established to control the cleanliness, temperature and humidity of the atmosphere that the products come into contact with, so that the products can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space. Advanced LED lighting manufacturing equipment: 10 sets high speed SMT machines and 15 sets COB die bonder machines, soldering machines, packaging equipment dispensing machines, 6 production lines of silicone co-extrusion equipment, 10pcs automatic glue coating machines, integrating spheres and other full range of automation equipment.


Laboratory of SHINESKY is the core zone to develop creative products and inspect full range of elecrical testing. Including photoelectric area, IP rating testing area, product reliability inspection area, UV resistance area, aging area, package transportation safety area, etc. It support us to verify the products details and offer IES, intergrating sophere testing, and a completed series of testing reports to you.

All incoming material such as LEDs and electrical components are selected strictly.

We verify everything of products, including product reliability testing. High and low temperature cycle resistance, UV weather resistance, temperature rise tension, salt spray corrosion, IPX3-IPX8 waterproof test; product photoelectric parameter test: integrating sphere, pressure resistance; product transportation reliability, vibration and drop test, optical imaging high-precision dimensional measurement.

Quality builds trust and credibility.


Domestic LED lighting standards refer to the IEC Erp directive:

  1. The EU Erp Directive (1194/2012) requires color tolerance ≤ 6SDCM for LED lighting performance;
  2. National standard GBT24823-2009 performance requirements for ordinary LED lighting modules, color tolerance 7SDCM;

Our LEDs are 3SDCM, and some LEDs are 2SDCM, including Nichia, Lumileds, Samsung, Osram, Epistar, Sanan, etc.