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leisure park

Baiyun District Park, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

Walking at night, the whole park is lit up like a fairy. After meals, people can do the park to rest and eat, play with children, and relax the fatigue of the day.

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Premium hotels

Renaissance Peng Hotel. Yunjingxuan revolving restaurant

Cloud Revolving Restaurant, the restaurant on the 50th floor, the top of the installation of colorful neon, so that enjoy the ultimate romantic dining. Two cycles in two hours, the outside can see the opposite side of Hong Kong.

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commerce centre

Apple store Jing ‘an Temple

The largest Apple store in China, the design concept is also known as: the largest “pigeon egg”, the staircase and the inner building circle adopts the positive bend 1615 white light, everyone can follow the extended stairs to enter the interior.

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