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Silicone Black Neon/Unique Exterior Design


A series of products developed by Shinesky Lighting independently, the black-appearance silicone neon LED strips have a unique sense of advanced and can be perfectly integrated into dark environments.

I. Black Neon,Black Exterior, Simple and cool

The distinctive black exterior design effortlessly integrates into dark environments, seamlessly merging with the surroundings. This “invisible” lighting provides designers with inspiration for various optical applications. Ideal for atmospheric applications in cinemas, KTVs, bars, esports hotels, and other entertainment spaces, as well as art galleries.

II. Premium Materials for Stable and Reliable Quality

Pure gold wire LED chips with minimal light decay and long lifespan, high brightness, and high color rendering index (CRI ≥90).

Selected imported silicone, resistant to weak acids and alkalis, corrosion, cold, cracking, UV resistance, and excellent weather resistance.

Integrated extrusion process, professional protective technology, with the highest waterproof rating of IP67.

Flexible and bendable, excellent toughness, easy to shape and design, suitable for various linear or curved installation requirements.

Safe low voltage, no risk of human contact.

III. Black Neon,Comprehensive Specifications and Rich Options

Currently, our company’s standard production specifications include:

Front bending: 16MM (light-emitting surface) * 15MM (thickness)

Side bending: 12MM (light-emitting surface) * 20MM (thickness)

3D front-side bending: 16MM (light-emitting surface) * 15MM (thickness)

Round tube 360-degree illumination, arbitrary bending: R25MM (diameter)

A wide range of size specifications, representative products available for different bending directions. Conventional options include single color, dual color temperature, colorful RGB, colorful RGB+W, as well as fantasy RGB, RGBW, and other light color types, meeting various lighting needs.

IV. Black Neon,Complete Accessories for Efficient Application

Various types of end caps and different wire outlet directions are available. Installation accessories include aluminum clips, stainless steel clips, PC clips, aluminum profiles, PC grooves, bendable grooves, hanging ropes, etc., catering to different wiring and installation requirements. The front bending 16mm15mm and side bending 12mm20mm specifications are compatible with our new third-generation solder-free, mechanically assembled end caps.


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