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The Difference between LED Flexible Wall Washer and Traditional Wall Washer Strip


Wall washer strip are widely used in outdoor building lighting.Traditionally, their structure is mostly aluminum profile with tempered glass faceplate fixed at both ends with metal end cap to secure the lamp body internal glue sealing, which is often only available in standard lengths of 1 meter or 2 meters.

In practical applications, long-span applications can be quite cumbersome to wire and install. When dealing with irregular surfaces, more traditional 0.3-meter Wall washer strip need to be spliced together using more wiring.Not only increases the complexity of installation but also results in imperfect fit with irregular surfaces, leading to potential lighting dead spots. To address the shortcomings of traditional Wall Washer light applications, LED flexible Wall washer strip have emerged as a solution.

Compared to traditional wall washing lights, LED flexible Wall washer strip have several important characteristics that address some of the industry difficulties that have existed historically. These characteristics have solved these issues once and for all.

Arbitrary Bending

LED Flexible Wall Wash Lights can achieve different directions of bending on the same product, with a bending radius of only 20CM. It can solve the old problem in the market of using multiple traditional Wall washer strip with a length of 0.3-meter to connect and illuminate irregularly shaped buildings, and the arbitrarily curved feature also makes the light emitted by irregularly shaped surfaces round and full.

Arbitrary cutting

LED flexible Wall washer strip can be cut into any length of 25CM units within 5 meters, which effectively solves the problem of many different lengths required for customized installation in many irregular buildings and nearly completely eliminates light dead angles.

Ultra-long power supply

LED flexible Wall washer strip features ultra-long power supply. A single switch power supply can carry nearly 10 meters of Led flexible Wall Washer length, which brings great convenience for modern buildings with minimal space. The ultra-long power supply makes lighting control easier and wiring simpler, effectively improving the electrical safety of ground construction.

High-intensity waterproof.

LED flexible Wash Wall lights are one-piece molded products that easily achieve IP67 waterproof level, making it the optimal choice for parks, waterfronts, cultural and tourism landscapes, and other venues that are frequently subject to water infiltration.

Easy installation

LED flexible Wall washer strip are designed with a split installation system.During the initial construction, simply fix the installation bracke on the building, and then easily attach the light to the bracket once the building is complete. This is very convenient and effectively avoids potential quality risks associated with cross-construction with other projects. Later maintenance and maintenance are also more efficient.

Overall, LED flexible Wall washer strip have solved the industry pain points of traditional Wall washer strip through their unique design features, bringing new possibilities for architectural lighting. As a result, LED flexible wall washers have become the ideal choice for exterior wall lighting in modern buildings.

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