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Silicone Neon Skyline Product Description and Features


Silicone Neon Skyline Product Description and Features


Round appearance, minimalist lines, real and delicate touch;

The new lighting form breaks through the space limitation and builds a bridge of light;

It can not only meet the needs of lighting but also apply the double enjoyment of decorative aesthetics, practicality and beauty;

360° hemisphere space in any direction, three-dimensional combination installation, multi-scene application;

Single color temperature,CCT Tunable color temperature, RGB, magic color options;

The Slicone Neon Skyline has a minimalist line design and a smooth, rounded look. The product breaks through the traditional plain and dark installation of the flat light strip, creating a visually attractive and multi-functional light bridge in the use of space. It not only meets the lighting needs, combined with the minimalist black and white design, but also takes into account the decorative beauty, ensuring the perfect combination of practicality and visual effects. Suitable for large supermarkets, office buildings, villas, and other places.