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Shinesky New Product -COB Strip Plus Highly attractive and talented performer


Shinesky New Product –COB Strip Plus

Newly designed technology, milk white lamp body, integrated molding, same size integrated head outlet, smooth and flat tail, arc surface emitting and using frosted process, extreme beauty, creating high-value light strips, high-strength lamp bead light source, optical-grade silicone, high light transmittance, soft and bright light. Extremely resilient, mastering linear optical art, covering multiple scenes and spaces, achieving powerful light strips.

一. Ingenious craftsmanship and delicate optics.

Suitable for linear lighting in various scenes such as home cabinets, shopping mall counters, wine cabinets, car showrooms, hallways, display shelves, stairs, bathrooms, home lighting, bars, KTVs, hotels, and festival decorations.

二. Complete specifications, widely used

COB Strip Plus series of features a wide range of options with four commonly used width sizes ranging from 8mm to 14mm. The series offers a flexible range of choices for users with diverse color options such as single color temperature, dual color temperature, multi-color RGB/RGBW/RGBWW, and mesmerizing special effects of RGB. It is adaptable to various scenarios, providing both mild and comfortable lighting or vibrant and dynamic illumination to meet different atmospheric demands.

三.Genuine Materials, Quality Shown

COB Strip Plus uses carefully selected raw materials and employs professional craftsmanship, resulting in consistent quality.

1、High-quality chips with high brightness and true color representation produce uniform single-color white light and single-color colored light, offering a comfortable and soft lighting environment. The strip is designed with a width greater than 10mm.

2、Safe and energy-efficient, this low-voltage lighting has a long lifespan and minimal light degradation. It can be directly touched, providing peace of mind and safety.

3、Made of eco-friendly silicone material with a seamless, one-piece molding process, the strip has an IP65 protection rating, making it dust-proof, moisture resistant, and corrosion-resistant, ideal for humid environments.

4、The imported silicone material has excellent flexibility, allowing for versatile lighting design options, producing a wide range of lighting effects.

5、The new frosted process gives the strip a delicate touch without attracting dust, requiring less frequent cleaning and easy maintenance.

6、The strip has a uniform head design and an ultra-thin tail end, making it easy to install and creating a seamless, refined aesthetic that fits well into any space. The slim design hides the strip’s lights within small spaces, making it ideal for decoration. The minimalistic style exudes a sense of high-end sophistication.

7. Available in both constant voltage and constant current designs, and 48V ultra-long constant current design, with a single length of 20 meters. They offer consistent brightness from end to                end and optimal performance. The small size of the cutting unit provides more flexibility and can meet various length requirements.

8. The strip can withstand temperatures between -25℃ and 60℃ and comes with a 3-year warranty, ensuring high quality that can withstand the test of time.

四.  Multiple methods for convenient installation.

There are two common installation methods for COB Strip Plus, which should be selected based on the actual installation environment. The operations are simple and installation is easy.

The back of COB Strip Plus comes with 3M adhesive with strong stickiness, allowing for direct and convenient installation.

3M adhesive installation:

① Peel off the protective layer of the 3M adhesive.

② Ensure that the 3M adhesive adheres to the lamp body.

③ Clean the installation surface before installation.

④  Stick the lamp body to the desired installation position, and turn on the power.

Exclusive buckle for COB Strip Plus, paired with buckle installation, is more secure.

Installation of buckle:

①  Use a screwdriver to fix the buckle to the installation surface;

②  Snap the lamp body onto the buckle and secure it in place;

③  Once installation is complete, connect the power supply.

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