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Shinesky New Product | Super Cost-effective Recessed Neon


Shinesky new Recessed Neon series has a new flanging and closing design, which can be directly embedded and installed without profiles. it perfectly integrates

with modern architectural spaces, walls, home cabinets, etc., allowing light to be invisible, and the ultimate simplicity and fashion!

一、High cost performance, indoor outline

Super cost-effective recessed neon no profiles and no buckles,reducing installation costs, simple installation and easy maintenance

The unique flanging design avoids gaps caused by large or uneven grooves and fits perfectly in the space.

二、Sixmodels, widely used

Six models of recessed silicone neon LED strips:

1615 profile-free neon light strip : 16mm luminous surface, 15mm thickness, front curved

1212 profile-free neon light strip : 12mm luminous surface, 12mm thickness, front curved

0606 profile-free neon light strip : 6mm luminous surface, 6mm thickness, front curved

1220 profile-free neon light strip : 12mm luminous surface, 20mm thickness, side curved

0817 profile-free neon light strip : 8mm luminous surface, 17mm thickness, side curved

0612 profile-free neon light strip : 6mm luminous surface,12mm thickness, side curved

Installation recessed neon are launched in two sizes that are most preferred by users, covering both forward and side bends to solve various common bending problems.

Rich light colors to meet different light distribution needs. Conventional monochrome white light, monochromatic light, adjustable color temperature, colorful! RGB,RGBW,DMX512 RGB fantasy light colors, you can choose as you like.

三、Select materials and produce high quality

Recessed Neon use high-quality raw materials and professional production processes to create high-quality linear lights.

Optical grade silicone material, high light transmittance, uniform light emission, CR! 290, high color reproduction,creating a comfortable light environment.

Silicone one-piece extrusion molding process, protection grade lP44, dust proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant no fear of humid environment. flame-retardant safe and reliable.

Excellent toughness, good bending resistance, easy to shape and design.

Ultra-thin tail plug design, no dark areas in splicing, seamless corner splicing, perfect fit in space.

Conventional constant voltage and advanced constant current solutions, constant current achieves a single length of 18 meters, single-ended power supply, consistent brightness at the beginning and end, meeting different length requirements.

Good products can withstand the test, have excellent temperature resistance. are suitable for working environments of -25c-60’c, and have a worry-free 3-year warranty.

四、Directly embedded and easy to install

Recessed Silicone Neon Strip Installation in 3 Easy Steps:

Confirm the size, slot and reserve cable outlet holes.

Pass the outlet end of the light strip through the outlet hole.

Align the lamp body with the groove and press the light-emitting surface of the lamp body,fully insert the lamp body into the groove, and the installation is completed.

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