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Shinesky Apex IP68 Neon| Professional Underwater Lighting Solution


Introducing Shinesky’s newest IP68 rated flexible LED neon lights, fully encapsulated in silicone and sealed with an injection-molded connector, adhering to the rigorous UL 676 standard for underwater luminaires.

These lights are designed to withstand long-term submersion in water, reaching depths of up to 5m.

Ⅰ. Create a different atmosphere with rich scenarios

IP68 silicone neon lights, featuring advanced technology, safety sealing, and versatility. Ideal for swimming pools, fountains, water features, aquariums, bridges, parks, hotels, etc.

Ⅱ. Comprehensive specs, varied light colors

Popular model 1615/1220, dimensions 16 mm×15 mm (W*H),12mm×20 mm (W*H) available in single color, dual white, RGB, RGBW, and digital color.

Ⅲ. IP68 silicone neon lights,Robust construction, superior durability

  • High-end chip, high brightness and high index,pure and bright color, linear lighting
  • Safe low voltage, low light decay, long life, no risk to human contact
  • Imported Dow Corning siliconematerial, integrated molding extrusion technology, professional waterproof technology, not only waterproof, but also for long-term use.
  • Anti-chlorination, anti-weak acid and alkali, anti-corrosion, anti-cold, anti-freezing and sun protection. High temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance.
  • Flexible light strip with excellent toughness, top bendingminimum bending diameter of 200mm, easy to design, suitable for various curved spaces
  • Constant voltage/constant current design, multiple options, constant voltage single-ended power supply 5 meters; constant current, single length 15 m, single-ended power supply, end-to-endbrightness Consistent, length customization service is provided to meet individual size requirements
  • Unique end capdesign, exquisite unique appearance
  • Provide you with a 3-year warranty to save your energy and costs on maintenance, guaranteed by premium quality of products.

Ⅳ.IP68 silicone neon lights, Simple and efficient Installation

stainless steel clip installation recommended at 3-4 clips per meter, or aluminum profile installation for stability.

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