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What is Skyline Neon ?


Skyline neon  is an extension of the application of conventional neon light strips. The conventional installation method of neon light strips is surface mounting. Skyline neon  breaks through the traditional flat installation method of neon light strips, creating a visually appealing and multifunctional light bridge within the usage space. Compared to traditional neon light strips, Skyline neon  presents a completely new form of illumination after installation, emitting a straight line of light between any two points in the space, transcending spatial limitations and constructing a bridge of light; it not only meets the lighting needs but also embodies decorative aesthetics.



Skyline neon  is equipped with two steel wire ropes inside, which not only support and reinforce the structure of the luminaire but also stretch and straighten the light strip between any two points in space through the base tensioning. The three-dimensional installation method of Skyline neon  allows for extension in any direction within a 360-degree hemisphere space. This innovative design can meet the lighting and decorative needs of various different scenes, providing users with a more flexible and diverse experience.



Unlike traditional single-sided neon light strips, skyline features double-sided illumination and offers a variety of color temperatures and color options, including RGB and fantasy colors.

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